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The Cable Family Update

The Cable Family

Calista (6 yrs), Will, Jamie, and Kai-Leo (1 yr) Cable in September 2009

The Cables are doing well and have a house to live in for a few months. According to Will, they have been overwhelmed by the community's generosity. Their immediate needs for clothing have been met! No further donations of items are necessary at this time. However, donations of gift cards (Wal-Mart, Target, etc.) would be greatly appreciated, as they would allow the family to fill specific needs.

Please check back here for updates in case other needs arise, and to see other photos as they become available.

For any other information, contact Josh Connor or Elva Hutton at the hospital (775-3333 x230).

The Cable Residence Before the Fire  The Cable Residence Fully Engulfed  The Cable Residence After the Fire  The Cable SUV After the Fire
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If you have any other photos of the fire or of the aftermath that you would like to share, please send them to Jim at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page. Thank you.